Yesterday, Daniel Barricella was arraigned on charges of public lewdness, sexual abuse and harassment after a Brooklyn Tech student snapped a shot of him exposing himself and grinding against her on the N train. And though Assistant District Attorney Alex Fisch tried to use the photo as evidence, Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Kevin McGrath was apparently ready to take him at his word, saying, "I don’t want to see that." Good to know our legal system is bypassing reviewing evidence because penises are icky.

The victim, 17-year-old Annie Jiang, had taken a picture of Barricella on her cellphone last week. She turned around after feeling something poking her on her back and told the Post, "He was just rubbing against me. "He masturbated against my back." (The paper also says Barricella's "emergency brake [was] exposed.")

If Barricella's family can get together his $500 bail, he may make a triumphant return to the subway, as Correction Department policy requires suspects who've spent a night in jail to be given a MetroCard to get them home. In this case, we'd be fine if our tax dollars went to paying for a cab.