After ruling yesterday that the Bloomberg administration had a week to turn over a damning report on the state of the city's 911 response system, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron's made a joke at the Bloomberg administration's expense. "This is just a draft," Justice Engoron said of his opinion, an allusion to the city's reasoning for keeping the report under wraps. "I can't reveal it." Today the Post has more intriguing details of the jurist lecturing the city attorneys, in which he compared the mayor to that other guy who just wanted four more years: "Nixon kept claiming executive privilege . . . and the public and the courts didn’t buy it. We are talking about much the same thing.”

Mayor Bloomberg later explained that the withholding of the report was to prevent the wheels of government from grinding to a halt because, uh, releasing a report will jam all the city's printers? “I don’t know how any government would be able to function if you had to put out every single paper even at the beginning of a study and all through the study."

Justice Engoron rightly pointed out that the report "belongs to everybody. I don't think we have nuclear secrets here." He's probably right, Mr. Mayor.