2005_11_braunstein2.jpgPolice are still looking for Peter Braunstein, the man suspected attacking a former co-worker in her Chelsea apartment as he disguised himself as a firefighter. Police continue to say that they believe Braunstein "is enjoying" the attention, but are concerned he may attack again. The Post reports that security at Fairchild Publications, where WWD, Details, Jane, W, and other pubs are headquarters and where he used to work, has been increased, with extra guards "at times stationing themselves outside the women's bathrooms." Further, Braunstein may be familiar wtih some police tactics as he would study his videos of how the police acted during public protests.

Braunstein's ex-girlfriend, the one he harrassed for over a year, sent a frightened email to friends saying, "I want you to know that I am OK and I have to lay low," as police are concerned he may target her. She is apparently "in a safe location outside the city." Braunstein was staying at a Super 8 on West 46th Street, but left last Wednesday. Some people have spotted him, but police think he may try to leave the city, as he just got a new passport.

We hope Braunstein is apprehended soon, but we also can't help but wonder which Law & Order this story will be on. The kinkiness seems to lend itself to Special Victims Unit, but the stalking angle and elevating-him-to-Dr. Moriarty heights makes us wonder if Criminal Intent will tackle the case. Either way, as long as we see Christopher Meloni and Ice-T or Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Noth taking time to make the perp wish for castration.