More details are emerging this morning about Josh Rubin, the missing Brooklyn cafe owner whose shot and badly burned body was identified last night, though investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened between the night of October 31, when Rubin went missing, and the morning of November 1, when his body was found.

Rubin's death has been ruled a homicide, and the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the body, according to a release from the South Whitehall, PA District Attorney. His body is believed to have then ben set on fire, and was found, "still smoldering," at about 8:30 a.m. in a remote area of Applewood Drive in South Whitehall Township. His body was so badly charred that "even fingerprints weren’t a viable source of identification," so it took investigators six weeks of DNA testing and searching through dental records to match the remains.

"In law enforcement, we talk about the golden 48 hours following the commission of a crime being committed as very significant and important and the fact that he was burned beyond recognition certainly hindered that 48 hours," said Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin. Martin also said that Rubin had no known connection to the area where his body was found, adding "we believe in our working theory that he was dumped here."

Martin said investigators have begun questioning Rubin's family, but they're still looking for help. "Now we can attempt to reconstruct Mr. Rubin's movements of the days preceding his death and hopefully at some point solve his homicide," he said. The Post reports that "a day or two" after his body was found, Rubin's credit card was used at the Woodbury Commons outlets in Orange County, New York.

Some reports claimed that Rubin, who was diabetic and may have suffered from bipolar disorder, owed over $10,000 in arrears for Whisk, his recently opened Ditmas Park coffee shop. However, the president of the co-op building Whisk is housed in said he did not believe Rubin was overdue with his rent when he went missing. We've called the co-op and will update with more information when possible.