The mystery surrounding the gruesome murder of Brooklyn cafe owner Josh Rubin deepens today, with conflicting stories about whether or not he was in debt when he vanished, and a few more clues about how he may have disappeared.

The Post is reporting that Rubin "appeared to have unrealistic expectations about making his business viable" and owed at least $14,000 to creditors when he disappeared. “He told me he was putting up $25,000 and I said expect to double that,” said the owner of a Ditmas Park restaurant near Rubin's now-shuttered Whisk. “He said, ‘If I double it, I’m going to be dead.’" But the president of the co-op that rented the space to Rubin said his rent was paid: "He didn't owe a dime of money to us."

Investigators believe that Rubin got into a car of someone he knows on the day he disappeared, and they're working to piece together what happened between the night of October 31 and the morning of November 1, when Rubin's shot and badly charred body was discovered still smoldering on a rural Pennsylvania road.

"We’re at Stage 1 of the investigation,” Lehigh County district attorney James Martin told the Times. “We have not developed any suspects at this point,” although, he added, investigators had several “persons of interest.” The Daily News talked to some of Rubin's neighbors, who described him as "a little strange, but otherwise, he was a nice kid. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary."

Dimtas Park Blog relays Rubin's funeral information; the service will be held this Tuesday in Rubin's homestate, Rhode Island.