Angels in the Outfield

star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in town filming a bike messenger movie called Premium Rush. (Why anyone would try to add to the genre after Quicksilver is beyond us.) While shooting over the weekend, the sinewy young thespian immersed himself in the role so completely that he crashed into the back of a taxi, shattering the rear window and bloodying his arm. As Laurence Olivier once (supposedly) remarked to Dustin Hoffman, "Why don't you just try acting?"

Check out a short video of Gordon-Levitt acting macho and reveling in the injury, which he says was his fault for "going too fast." Premium Rush concerns a bike messenger who picks up a package at Columbia University and subsequently catches the attention of a dirty cop, which is being played by awesome actor Michael Shannon, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his turn in Revolutionary Road. All the movie needs now is a Kevin Bacon cameo, more viral marketing like this, and we're there.