After days of building (1, 2, 3), last night was the much-anticipated meeting between The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and CNBC's Jim Cramer. Cramer was well-behaved and contrite—granted, he was on Stewart's home turf—but Stewart did an excellent job of questioning Cramer's and CNBC's role as "financial experts" and wondering why CNBC can't do more investigative reporting, instead of cheerleading.

For instance, Stewart said, "It feels like we are capitalizing your adventure by our pensions … It is a game that you know is going on, but you go on television as a financial network and pretend it isn’t happening." Cramer did accuse CEOs who appeared on his show of lying. Here's the entire show (with an initial clip about Madoff) so you can judge for yourselves; after the jump are the uncensored videos of the interview, by clip.

Also after the jump, the "Moment of Zen," which was a clip of Cramer on Martha Stewart's program (she talks about Twitter).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Moment of Zen, with Martha Stewart: