It's Jon Stewart's very last week as the host of The Daily Show, and after spending some quality time mocking the Republican candidates, he turned to one of his most ardent critics: Everyone at Fox News, who have been gleefully seizing upon news that Stewart met with President Obama a few times at the White House. Still, Stewart insisted, "My hunch is that this show has been harder on the Obama administration and this President per capita than you ever were in eight years of Bush finger-banging."

Stewart pointed out that Fox News rarely shows any "evidence" of him being a cheerleader for Obama: "Your hypocrisy isn’t a bug in the Fox model, it’s the feature. Your job is to discredit any source of criticism that might hurt the conservative brand."

After wishing Fox News, "Adios, motherfuckers!" Stewart then interviewed comedian and new gun control advocate Amy Schumer. Noting how he recommended Schumer take over The Daily Show, Stewart said, "Fucking A" and said she made the right choice not to take the job. Then Schumer described what it's like to vacation with Jennifer Lawrence, "In all the pictures we took of us, I look like her coach." Also, it sucks to have the paparazzi take pictures of you while you're paddleboarding.

Denis Leary will be Stewart's guest tonight and Louis C.K. will be on Wednesday's show. Thursday's Daily Show will be the final one with Stewart and will last 50 minutes.