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Ah, the opening pitch of a baseball game. Since most opening pitches are by non-athletes (think a movie star, world leader, or a corporate sponsor), if the person throwing the ball can actually get it over the plate, fans go wild. And, depending on the situation, if the ball fails to get there the person throwing will hear jeers from the crowd.

At last Friday's Cardinals-Mets game at Shea Stadium, Jon Stewart got to throw the opening pitch. Unfortunately for The Daily Show host, he would not just hear jeers, but thundering boos that echoed deeply. On Monday's show, Stewart talked about Friday's woeful pitch (starting at around 1:25 into the clip). He called the opportunity to throw out the first pitch "a dream come true," but then showed his anemic 47 mph pitch from a few feet in front of the rubber. It barely cleared the infield grass AND bounced. To his credit, Stewart was able to make fun of himself at length.

We were at Friday's game and admit to contributing to the boos. What can we say, it was a really bad throw. In all fairness, there's no way in hell that we could have gotten that ball over the plate in that situation. Maybe Stewart can fill in for TBD that is scheduled to pitch in game 7 (if necessary - let's pray!).