The Daily Show tackled the ongoing Rachel Dolezal race kerfuffle last night with a new segment appropriately titled, "Whaaaaaat!?" Outgoing host Jon Stewart first expressed disbelief that the predominantly white city of Spokane, Washington even has an NAACP chapter, then pivoted to amazement that Dolezal felt compelled to masquerade as black, then finally arrived at dismay over the right-leaning news media's sweeping generalizations about liberal America.

Stewart showed a clip of conservative radio host Larry Elder arguing that Dolezal’s charade proves that being black in America is enviable. "All because of one singular white person," Sewart marveled. "If being black is such a sweet deal, why are millions of white people ignoring such a sweet opportunity?" This question segued masterfully into a second segment with senior black correspondent Jordan Klepper, who appears to be extremely white. But try telling that to the cop who pulled him over for "driving while black."

Jessica Williams rounds out the segment by bursting in to explain that "you can't just appropriate persecution because it's 'cool.' We don't need oppression cosplay."

In an interview with the Today Show this morning, Dolezal explained, "I identify as black." Okay, fair enough! I identify as a white drummer from a hugely influential British rock band; everyone please pay me millions of dollars and call me Bonzo.