In this mixed-up modern world, the idea of a Post Office charging less than 50 cents to hand-deliver information across America is only "incrementally less crazy" than Urbanfetch, which, according to Jon Stewart, was "basically a service for people who were too high to go out and get things, but not too high to want things." In a funny Daily Show segment last night, Stewart marveled at the possibility that the Postal Service could shut down this winter if it can't make a $5.5 billion payment due later this month.

Appearing before Congress, the Postmaster General proposed massive layoffs, to which Stewart replied, "Oh, you're just going to lay off 220,000 postal workers? What could go wrong with that? After all, the phrase 'going postal' is virtually synonymous with reacting well to bad news." Stewart also had fun with Senator Clair McCaskill's suggestion that the Post Office launch "a marketing campaign for letter writing... Hey, I have a better idea! Why don't we just use stamps as adhesive tape! There, look at this! I just fixed this rip and it only cost $5."

Stewart then nominated Andy Rooney as a spokesperson to get the kids excited about letter writing—and in truly inspired "separated-at-birth" photo juxtaposition, changed the way we see Andy Rooney forever. Be sure to watch through to the end.