The 9th District's new representative in Congress, Bob Turner, will be sworn in today, and his fellow Republicans are interpreting his special election victory as A SIGN that Obama is a one term president. Former Mayor Ed Koch, whose endorsement of Turner was pivotal, is also reading the tea leaves, and says Obama would have to be "pretty blind" not to get the message that the Jewish vote is up for grabs. "Now the president knows he cannot take the Jewish vote for granted," Koch told the Post yesterday, suggesting that Democrat David Weprin lost because of Obama's Israel policy. Jon Stewart, on the other hand, blamed Anthony Weiner's "self portrait."

Other local Democrats agree that Weprin's loss is so totally NOT A SIGN that their Obama-enhanced hegemony is coming to an end, so shut up you guys. "The bottom line is it’s not a bellwether district," Senator Chuck Schumer told ABC. "Anybody that tries to extrapolate between what’s happened in this district and what would happen in New York City, New York state or the country is making a big mistake." And Obama spokesperson Jay Carney told reporters yesterday, "Special elections are often unique and their outcomes do not tell you very much about future regularly scheduled elections. [But] if you're asking me, are Americans in general anxious [and] not happy with Washington? The answer is yes."

What seems fairly certain is that Turner's district—which has been solidly Democratic for more than 80 years—isn't going to be around much longer because of census-mandated congressional redistricting. That will be decided in Albany at some point next year, when the state must get rid of two House seats. And in a neat bit of "sex" scandal symmetry, political analysts tell the Daily News that "Turner's seat and one upstate—likely the seat the Democrats won earlier this year after GOP former Rep. Christopher Lee resigned after posting shirtless photos on craigslist—would be chopped."