Last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart revisited his Sunday evisceration of Fox News, taking a chance to mock the way in which the interview was reported by the media before pointing out what he thought was the most important thing Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace actually said. Namely, when Wallace all but admitted that Fox News is not "Fair and Balanced."

To start, Stewart ribbed on the Huffington Post for the headline they chose to use for their story on Stewart calling the media biased "towards sensationalism and laziness." Apparently it was along the lines of a 96 pt. font screaming "You're Insane!" Which made us glad we didn't use our original headline for the story, "Jon Stewart Poops On Chris Wallace's Face!"

Then Stewart emphasized that you really ought to watch the whole interview, as opposed to the clips floating around, if you wanted to get to the good stuff. Of course, if you didn't want to do that, his staff clipped the good stuff for you. Namely when Wallace "basically gives away the game," telling Stewart that he thinks Fox News is "the counterweight. I think they have a liberal agenda and we tell the other side of the story."

Boy howdy did Stewart love that:

The other side of the story. "We don't tell both sides of the story, we tell one side...the other side, the one we perceive is never told. Because as you know, news only comes in two sides. And if the conservative side isn't being told what's being told must be liberal. Fox News isn't fair and balanced. It's balancing the system, man. Don't you get it? The system's unfair and unbalanced. To balance the system, Fox has to be the purest form of right wing resin. Because of how heavy left wing America is. Hollywood, comedians, every single news organization, the Internet, facts, history, science, it's all just left wing bullshit, man...." Is Fox unbalanced? Yeah. Seriously, their ears are nearly touching the floor. But it's only because the system is unbalanced.

You can watch the segment right here: