Donald Trump's farewell gift to departing Daily Show host Jon Stewart is his presidential run, providing him with endless material about Trump's golden elevators and carnivorous combovers. Still, Stewart noted on his show last night that there really can be too much of a good thing, even if that good thing publicly denounced all Mexican immigrants as rapists: "Much like incessant masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame," Stewart said last night. "Not enough to stop you from doing it entirely, but enough to slow you down a bit." And then he talked about this thing that's happening in Iran, or whatever.

It is true that the Trumpification of Election 2016 has pulled a big, dumb blanket over some of the bigger issues affecting the world at large, and do any of us even know what Trump plans to do once elected, aside from repainting the White House with a solid gold trim? By excessively blowing our comedic wads on him, are we taking him too lightly? Sure, we assume the rest of the country remembers life isn't one long episode of the Celebrity Apprentice (or is it?), but Trump is still killing it in the polls, and this is a nation that birthed the KFC Double Down. Remember, anything can happen.

Anyway, here's your moment of zen: