1208SANTATICKET.jpgSanta may be able to fly fast through the sky, but when it comes to parking he's got to follow the law like the rest of us civilians. The Daily News reports that one Santa (The Santa?) double-parked his sleigh SUV on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, and "neighbors and politicians demanded the summons be quashed." But James Huntley, "who heads Local 1182, defended the agent who slapped a ticket on Chip Cafiero's SUV." He also added that seeing the driver in a Santa suit wouldn't have changed the law, and notes that calling the agent a Grinch or Scrooge isn't going to make matters better (is that a threat?). Marty Markowitz, whose office sponsored the event that Santa was at, said "It's the holidays. In these situations, there should be a combination of common sense and holiday spirit instead of humbug." Free double-parking at Brooklyn Borough Hall for everyone in a Santa hat!