2003_8_arniead.jpgArnold Schwarzenegger breaks his first commercial and surprise surprise, he doesn't really say anything of substance - but he does use his finger accusingly (pointing at bad bad Gray Davis...bad!). The Times' Charlie LeDuff notices that Schwarzenegger is seen on a the walkway of a "Bel Air-style home," with bougainvillea crawling up the walls and a gas lamp flickering, and later in a wood-paneled study - signs of "solidity and prosperity." Arnold says, "I want to be the people's governor. I will work honestly, without fear or favor, to do what is right for all Californians." Come on, Arnold, give us what we want: We want you hunting the Predator or T-1000, or looking for your father with Danny DeVito. Stop the soft sell, man. We want blood or culture clash.

Arnold's campaign website. And more from KPIX. Gothamist on pros and cons of Arnold's candidacy.