Today, there's an interesting NY Times feature on City Councilman John Liu which focuses on his zealous ability to have press conferences and issue press releases. Which is exactly what our readers noted when he got into the fight with DJ Star/Troi Torain over Torain's remarks on Hot 97 and when he held a press conference for three of the victims in the Queens hate crime incident last week. In fact, Liu's aggressive or pro-active media stance, which includes holding press conferences in districts outside his own (Flushing), seems to have alienated other City Concil members. Which we can understand - he is all over the TV during electrified plate incidents, Asian racism incidents, transportation issues. And even though the article says he gets up at 4AM and goes home at 10PM, his office still sends out press releases late! Interesting facts: His dad was convicted of bank fraud, his Chinese name is slang for toilet, and he can't speak Chinese. Read it if you're interested in knowing more about someone who very clearly wants to run for Mayor some day.

Also today: The Post casts a critical eye on Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, longing for the weekends days when Mark Green would have press conferences, since she weekends in the Hamptons and has "released just three reports, a policy brief and two guides, drafted seven bills - and held only a handful of public events to support them" in the past six months.