Stop it, John Strong. Just. Stop. It. The Coney Island freakshow proprietor is hell bent on getting his 5-legged puppy, even now that it has undergone a procedure to remove the extra limb. He declared, “I’m going to get it back on the dog. I don’t like people cutting off my puppy’s leg. When it became personal, and she’s (Siegel) being made out as a hero, and I’m being out as a bad guy, that’s not fair to me … (I’m) not going to be portrayed that way, at least not without a fight.” Mr. Strong, sometimes bad press is bad press. And that is certainly all it will be if you re-attach a 5th leg to a cute little innocent puppy. The HSUS's Patrick Kwan told us, "I think what's important for the dog is a loving, caring, permanent home and no animal deserves to be made into a spectacle. I doubt anyone would consider a Coney Island freak show to be the best home for an animal, especially considering Coney Island's future is often up in the air." Indeed. But at least he's no longer showing his two-headed baby (or maybe he is, photos aren't allowed inside his show).