John Oliver took a trip down memory lane during his final Last Week Tonight episode before Tuesday's election, digging deep into the Daily Show archives to reveal something richly ironic about his past coverage of Donald Trump. "As you may remember, three years ago I guest-hosted the Daily Show," Oliver awkwardly announced midway through the segment. "And, well... there is something you should see." Skip to the 4:09 mark for the shocking revelation:

Last night's segment, which refers to the election as "OF COURSE ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 8TH—THE LATEST POSSIBLE DATE THE ELECTION COULD FALL ON. THIS MUST BE THE UNIVERSE PUNISHING US FOR ALL THE MASTURBATING WE'VE DONE, AND IT WAS A LOT 2016," also featured a cringe-worthy clip of Hillary Clinton reciting Jay Z lyrics, and a heavily-sedated Donald Trump at a rally telling himself "Stay on point Donald, stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald. Nice and easy."

Oliver also noted the "very big deal" news that the FBI has not found anything warranting new action in their review of the latest batch of Clinton-related emails. After showing a clip of Kellyanne Conway minimizing the news by insisting, "We have not made this a centerpiece of our messaging," Oliver asked incredulously, "Seriously? In the word cloud of your campaign, 'email' is right up there with wall, Mexicans, big league, unintelligible, sniffle, and WRONG."

The episode's main story had nothing to do with the election, but with multilevel marketing: