John Oliver has had just about enough of these sloppy politicians stringing words together and attributing them to respected historical figures. In last night's reliably funny segment on Last Week Tonight, the comedian ripped Ben Carson for attributing a rambling critique of gun control to Thomas Jefferson. Of course, it goes without saying that Carson isn't the only high-profile politician mangling quotations (which Oliver hilariously refers to as "the karaoke of ideas"). Watch and learn:

"Either we care about the accuracy of quotes and where they're sourced, or we don't care at all," Oliver concluded, and announced the launch of his bogus quote-generation website, Because "if quotes no longer have to be real, they should at least be fun."


Fun, indeed. Oliver concluded the segment by reminding viewers that "Gothamist may not always be the 'first' to embed my show's video clips, but their 'Last Week Tonight' aggregations are always worth waiting for. [Emphasis added.] Accept no substitute. Share on Facebook. Click on the ads. Goodnight!"