John Miller, the CBS News correspondent who was previously chief NYPD spokesman under Bill Bratton in the mid-1990s, will be rejoining boomeranging commissioner Bratton next year. Except he won't be the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. Instead, Miller will be in a new counterterrorism division.

Miller has bounced between working as a journalist and working for the government (like the FBI). When Bratton was made LAPD commissioner, Miller joined him in LA and led the Counterterrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau.

Miller said of his new NYPD gig, "If you take the L.A. experience, we had a pretty effective shop there, I think if you look at the New York experience they have, certainly it is the most complex and forward-leaning counterterrorism operation of any police department in the world, so it will be a great challenge that I will have to rise to."

He also said, "When you get a call and you get the chance to serve the largest city in the world, potentially the greatest terrorism threat in maybe the greatest police department in the world, it’s hard to say no." Miller doesn't think there will be another plot the scale of 9/11, "The trend is leading towards low cost, low tech, high impact. The message that’s going out from al Qaeda central is not ‘we need you come here and train up in our camps and be deployed in our operations.’ The message going out is not from al Qaeda as much it’s al Qaeda-ism, which is ‘do what you can with the resources that you have.’"

CBS News has benefited from Miller's sources in the government, especially during breaking news like the Boston Marathon bombing and Newtown shooting. (But he gets touchy when bloggers criticize him!) CBS News issued a statement: “John Miller is a remarkable journalist with deep insight into law enforcement. John will always have a home at CBS News." In fact, Capital New York reports Miller will appear on CBS this morning the week of January 6—but as an NYPD official.