The 27-year-old son of tennis legend John McEnroe and Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal was arrested this morning after allegedly buying drugs. Kevin McEnroe was charged with criminal possession of cocaine.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a NYPD spokesperson said "New York Police Department officers observed him involved in a drug transaction in the East Village. Mr. McEnroe allegedly had six bags of cocaine and more than 30 pills on him when he was arrested around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night on the sidewalk near 167 East 4th Street, the official said."

The Post reports that he was "buying drugs from 22-year-old Niro Meneses... Meneses gave McEnroe six bags of cocaine, 20 oxy pills, 20 morphine pills and one anti-anxiety pill, sources said."

O'Neal was arrested in 2008 after she was caught buying crack on the Lower East Side. She told the Post at the time that her dog's death "set me off. She got old. She got cancer. She was the fabric of our family. We had to let her go to heaven. My daughter and I had to put her down. It was too horrible for words. I couldn't get out of it. I was going to my psychiatrist. I was doing everything I could do. I have the disease of alcoholism. It's lifelong. I treat it every day by going to my 12-step program."

Today, the Post says that she "called the 9th Precinct in a panic on Wednesday morning looking for her son."