During a Senate debate about the treatment of enemy combatants, GOP Arizona Sen. (and Ed Harris opposite day impersonator) John McCain made a throwaway joke about the good people of Long Island: "Last I checked, Long Island was part—albeit sometimes regrettably—of the United States Of America." Instant rimshot! Sen. Chuck Schumer didn't find it so funny though, which led to some seriously catty back and forth insults between the two.

After hearing McCain's comment, Schumer soberly tweeted, “All of America saw how heroic Long Islanders were on 9/11. Long Island deserves an apology." McCain later returned to the Senate floor and said Long Island was “wonderful” and not some unwanted land mass—but he also responded directly to Schumer, saying: “I'm sorry there's at least one of my colleagues that can't take a joke, and so I apologize if I offended him and hope that someday he will have a sense of humor."

Schumer couldn't let this stand, and tweeted in response: "NYers can take a joke. But if @SenJohnMcCain wants to mock parts of America, stick to Arizona." Does this mean Schumer and Ann Coulter have more in common than anyone would have ever imagined? Leave it to actual Long Island Rep. Steve Israel to try to clear the air Long Island-style: with a shmear. "If John McCain had ever had a Long Island bagel, he wouldn't be saying that. I'm going to send some over and then ask him for an update on his views," he said, according to the Daily News.