City Comptroller John Liu is weathering a campaign finance scandal that has resulted in a federal investigation and the arrest of a fund-raiser, plus near-daily articles about the scandal and how his mayoral aspirations are dunzo. So yesterday, Chinese-American leaders held a "hastily convened news conference" to, as the NY Times reports, to "[compare] the federal inquiry into his campaign fund-raising to what has been called a hazing campaign before the death of Pvt. Danny Chen." Yes, they went there.

Apparently the Liu supporters were noting that Asian politicians face big obstacles (Liu is the highest Asian elected official in the city's history). According to the Times, Virginia M. Kee, a founding member of the Chinese-American Planning Council, said, "Yesterday’s paper showed that Danny Chen suffered racism, bigotry and abuse. I see another assassination. This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name," while a former Department of Employment commissioner under Rudy Giuliani, Nora Chang Wang, said, "This is politics. When people see him as a viable candidate, such a strong solid candidate for that highest position in the city, in a way it’s a threat." And then former deputy police commissioner during the Koch years, Hugh H. Mo, said, "I believe it is an effort to destroy John, who really represents the hopes and aspirations of Asian-Americans, and particularly Chinese-American immigrants. We take pride in John."

A NY Times investigation of Liu's donors found irregularities—for instance, a business's eight employees were listed as donors, but the business only had three donors—that sparked the interest of the feds. Liu has returned some of the questionable donations and he still claims he's running for mayor in 2013.