John Gotti, Jr., a former Gambino family mob boss-turned-everyday good Samaritan, was stabbed in a CVS parking lot over the weekend when he reportedly attempted to "break up a fight between two strangers."

The Younger Gotti told investigators he was stabbed in the stomach while valiantly trying to quell the dispute, which was going down in a CVS parking lot in Syosset, Long Island, the Daily News reports. He reportedly walked himself into Syosset Hospital for treatment, but was sufficiently wounded that he was transferred to North Shore Hospital.

Law enforcement officials are apparently skeptical that Gotti would place his abdomen, which, along with the rest of him, has been removed from mob activity since 1999, within shiv-ing distance of two strangers.

"It's hard to believe he would break up a fight between two strangers,” a police source told the tabloid. Do people really change? We'll only know for sure if one of the brawlers disappears into a vat of acid. The more important question is: Will this be in the movie?