After weeks of talk that the alleged Upper East Side "Millionaire Madam" had a client list boasting politicians and royalty, we finally know one of the johns: DNAinfo reports, "A call girl working for alleged 'Millionaire Madam' Anna Gristina told investigators she was paid to have sex with former U.S. Sen. John Edwards when he was in New York raising money for his failed presidential bid."

According to Murray Weiss's sources, "Edwards allegedly hooked up with one of Gristina’s high-end hookers in 2007 when the dashing pol from North Carolina brought his then high-flying presidential campaign to the Big Apple... The one-night fling allegedly took place at an Upper East Side hotel suite and was arranged by an aide with help from a New Yorker familiar with Gristina’s prostitution ring, sources said."

Apparently the prostitute told the Manhattan DA's office details of the encounter in 2008, when the office started the investigation: The source said, “Most of the women don’t have any idea about the identities of the men they sleep with. How would they know a money man from Wall Street or the face of a lawyer or banker who shows up? But the face of the national politician? She knew." Also: "Records show the Edwards campaign spent thousands of dollars for near-monthly stays at the Loews Hotels Regency at 540 Park Ave. on the Upper East Side in 2007, along with stays at several other Manhattan hotels including a Comfort Inn on West 39th Street."

Back in 2005, Edward apparently met NYC party girl-turned-astrologer/filmmaker Rielle Hunter at the Regency Hotel. Their affair led to a love child whose paternity he denied then admitted. It's alleged that Edwards used presidential campaign funds to cover up the affair.

The "Millionaire Madam," a pig-loving mother-of-four, Anna Gristina, has denied running a prostitution ring. While she claims she's poor, she is being held on $2 million bail at Rikers because the Manhattan DA's office says there are tapes of her discussing having millions stashed off shore.