If you recently heard a friend or co-worker inexplicably shouting, "I HOPE YOU GET ASS CANCER," he or she was probably just reading that John Edwards has proposed his mistress Rielle Hunter. Now, some may say that Elizabeth Edwards, who died last month from cancer, is "barely cold," as the saying goes, but you know what's colder? John Edwards's rotten heart. His marriage to Elizabeth ended, you'll recall, in the wake of news that he had an affair and fathered a child with Hunter. News of the marriage proposal is being reported by the National Enquirer today, so take it with a grain of salt, but the tabloid has led the pack on the Edwards adultery scandal since the beginning.

Edwards and Hunter met at the Regency Hotel here in NYC; according to Hunter, she bumped into him in the lobby and later gave her card ("Rielle Hunter. Being is Free") to one of his aides and the rest is unprotected sex history. Last year, news broke of an Edwards-Hunter sex tape and Hunter posed sexily in GQ. Thank goodness Elizabeth Edwards shut him out of her will.