Yesterday morning, Pamela Haahr-Oribe was jogging near Third Avenue and Bergen Street when a bus hit her. The Daily News reports she had slipped on snow around 8:40AM before a Bestway Coach bus collided into her. Haahr-Oribe suffered head injuries and is in critical condition at Lutheran Medical Center.

Bus driver Alexandr Raskin, who was headed back to a garage after returning Mohegan Sun visitors to Queens, told the News Haahr-Oribe was wearing headphones, "She didn't give me a chance at all...People don't pay attention." A witness told told the Post, "I heard a horn, then I heard a screech, then I heard a hit. She didn't hear it because she had her iPod on."

Raskin was not charged. One neighbor said about Haahr-Oribe, "She's the person who went down the block collecting names and numbers so everyone knew each other."