Will the battle for Coney Island ever end? The NY Post reports on the latest between developer Joe Sitt (current owner of the land) and Mayor Bloomberg (wannabe owner of the land). Sitt has finally spoken publicly, saying "that his 10½ acres of beachfront property is no longer for sale and that he, not the city, should be rebuilding the rundown seaside area," adding emphatically, "We don't want to sell, we want to build." The city doesn't think Sitt is qualified, preferring to rezone and develop the 47 acres itself, but Sitt claims his $92 million investment now holds a pricetag closer to $150 million, about $45 million off from what the city offered earlier this year. Sitt's been sitting on the land for about three years now, and claims "the city's overall rezoning plan is so flawed that it makes it unlikely for either his redevelopment proposal or the city's to succeed"—the plan is being voted on by the city Planning Board later this month. Can't we all just agree on something that will make this a reality?