2008_11_jlierb.jpgSenator Joe Lieberman told Politico he doesn't feel punished after the Democratic caucus voted to let him keep his Senate chair on the Homeland Security Committee but forced him out of the Environment and Public Works one. He said, "I don't view it as a sanction," and suggesting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked him to step down from EPW to let incoming Senators have a change (Reid's spokesperson "disagreed" with that). He also spoke to CBS News' Katie Couric, who asked if Lieberman regretted some things he said, as he campaigned for Republican candidate John McCain--like saying a "good question to ask" is whether Barack Obama is a Marxist. Lieberman said, "That's one of those things I wish I said more clearly. Obviously Barack Obama is not a Marxist... But then I answered it and said, 'no he's not Marxist.' I said at the time that he's somewhat to the left of me on some issues."