Today Vice President Joe Biden met with Mayor Bloomberg for a closed door meeting at Gracie Mansion. The items on the agenda remain a mystery, but judging by this photo, here's how we imagine it ended:

After finally making it through long boring meeting about some pointless B.S. at Gracie Mansion today, Joe Biden yanked off his tie, loosened his collar, and peer-pressured Mayor Bloomberg into getting in his Trans Am and going skinny dipping at a local quarry. "Come on Mikey, school's out for summer!" Biden cajoled, vigorously rubbing the mayor's shoulders. "Let's grab a sixer and go work on our full-body tans."

The mayor at first demurred, explaining that he still hadn't finished reading today's El Diario or downloading the new Arcade Fire album to his iPad. But Biden wouldn't hear of it, telling Bloomberg, "Make no mistake: I unbutton one more button and it's party time. Stop being a little poindexter like Barack and get in the damn car." A sodden Bloomberg was last seen blasting an air horn out the Trans Am window as Biden "opened her up" on the Hudson River bike path.