Fresh off a weeklong bender after co-presenting the best new starlet award at the 2015 AVN Adult Movie Awards Show, The Onion Presents: Vice President Joe Biden climbed out of his beloved 1981 Trans Am and stumbled into the Vice offices in Williamsburg this morning, declaring, "I'm a weird guy, I go where the action is."


Wait, did he really use that opening line? That's gotta be a joke, right?

And there's also video:

Biden didn't have the visit to Vice on his public schedule; he's in NYC today for a DNC fundraiser. According to Vice, Biden met with hundreds of the company's staff members and sat down for an interview with CEO and co-founder Shane Smith all about the importance of technology. "Thank you for what you do, it's important," Biden said. "You are on the cutting edge of what's happening."

Of course the jokes started flying pretty quickly:

At least one prominent refrigerator saw some deeper meaning in it all: