Hundreds of New Yorkers fought on Thursday to become Times Square "restroom ambassadors" — a highly coveted gig that pays $10,000 for just six weeks of employment. The toilet paper manufacturer Charmin is looking for five hosts and hostesses who will direct an estimated 500,000 loo-users to the temporary public bathrooms between Nov. 23 and New Year's Eve, when Times Square itself becomes a massive public bathroom. The ambassadors are expected to be "outgoing and enthusiastic" and detail their experiences on Twitter and Facebook.

According to the Daily News, the poor economy motivated some job-seekers to arrive at the Midtown open call as early as 4 am in hopes of wowing "the judges with demonstrable enthusiasm for all that goes on behind stall doors." One potential restroom ambassador, Carlos Lozada, told the hiring panel that he'd go above and beyond the duties of the job: "I'll glue myself to a toilet for $10,000."