Occupy Wall Street protesters took advantage of the beautiful weather by protesting's Mitt Romney's fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria. Armed with signs ranging from "Kiss My Grits" to "Romney Is The 1%," from "Taxes Aren't For Everyone" to "Will Work For Caviar" as well as people dressed as grim reapers with Romney masks and "Job Cremation" urns, it was a festive event with one woman shouting, "I want to feel what it's like to have a $2,500 lunch and write it off my taxes" and another asking, "Who needs some trickle-down champagne?" Oh, and one 83-year-old woman brought a wooden spatula and told the Washington Post's Ezra Klein, "It’s a vaginal probe. Since he’s so in favor of it, I’ve brought it to him as a gift.”

And the Reverend Billy Talen was there: According to Politicker, Talen yelled, “Hallelujah! We are the 99 percent! The corruption of our elected officials makes it impossible to do anything about homelessness, foreclosures and evictions … the illegal wars, the climate change." And one admitted Romney donor said, "What do I think about the race? The Republicans are their own worst enemy."

Klein also reports, "Many protesters insisted, however, that being anti-Romney didn’t mean they were pro-Obama — at least for the time being. Leonard, the college professor, had volunteered for Obama’s 2008 campaign but became disillusioned thereafter by the president’s support for Wall Street bailouts, along with his more recent decision to codify indefinite military detention. 'For the first time, I stepped back and decided I’m not going to knee-jerk support Obama,' he told me, while adding that he’s 'leaving the door open.'"

FWIW: Former Senator Al D'Amato loves Romney, "Governor Romney is a successful businessman. He understands how our economy works and has a proven record of creating jobs. We need a man with his experience to take charge and lead our economy or we’ll have four more years of the most liberal, tax and spend administration we have ever seen. I urge my fellow Republicans to unite behind Gov. Romney and make him our nominee."