Mayor Bloomberg apologized to the five Sikh men visiting from Britain who who were handcuffed, forced to kneel, and basically put on display when a Gray Line tour bus employee called the NYPD because she thought they were suspicious.

"It turned out that these...people did not present any threat whatsoever. It's a shame, and I certainly apologize on behalf of the City of New York. We love tourists and we want them to keep coming here and feel that they ... can go around and enjoy the city."

Gothamist feels this was terrible, and we are relieved that the NYPD didn't shoot them. And the tourists seemed to harbor no ill will, saying they would come back to NYC, but we'll wait a week before expecting a lawsuit.

There was anothe terror scare yesterday as well , this time in Brooklyn, with the bomb squad using a "high-powered water gun" to disable a suspicious bag left on Court Street; it turned out there was a sewing kit and some detergent in there. The explosion that people in the area heard wasn't from the bag, it was from the water gun. This sounds like one for I Am Fucking Terrified.

Photograph from the AP