Jimmy McMillan may have captured the hearts and minds of New Yorkers with his "Rent Is Too Damn High" platform during last year's gubernatorial election, but his rent for a one-bedroom in the East Village is actually a Damn Sweet $872/month, thanks to rent stabilization. Now, the colorful candidate may be evicted, because his landlord wants to make the rent DAMN HIGH.

Last year, it was revealed that McMillan had a one-bedroom in the East Village where his son lived as well as a one-bedroom in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. But McMillan's East Village landlord wants him out: The Daily News reports that at the Manhattan housing court appearance, "McMillan — his distinctive white hair combed back — insisted he was living at the Manhattan apartment while using a second address in Brooklyn as an office. But his landlord countered that McMillan is improperly using the Manhattan apartment as an inexpensive residence for his 32-year-old son, Jimmy McMillan IV. Estimates are that the landlord could rent the apartment for nearly three times as much as McMillan pays."

McMillan explained he got the Brooklyn apartment (a place McMillan doesn't like talking about) through doing some odd jobs; the News also reports, "Although he even registered to vote using the Brooklyn address, McMillan insisted that he always lived in Manhattan — and produced a driver’s license featuring his St. Mark’s Place address." And there's a simple reason why McMillan allowed his son to live in the apartment: "I want a grandkid. I stayed away so he could bring a young lady over."

A judge ordered that McMillan must turn over financial documents to his landlord.