2006_09_jimcarreylinc.jpgNew York Magazine reports that Jim Carrey is renting an apartment near Lincoln Center for the smokin' figure of $45,000 a month. The apartment is for sale - if you have $11,800,000 to spare - and has a 2,000 square foot living room! We saw Carrey on a Barbara Walters special, and he was talking about being all Zen and we think took her to his meditation retreat for the weepy part of the interview; this apartment has tons of terraces, so he can commune with Buddha there.

Carrey will be in NYC this month to film an "independent" movie from Focus Features with Cameron Diaz. It's called A Little Game WIthout Consequence. We doubt Carrey's rent is coming from the film's per diem, but that's probably okay, as $45,000 sounds like what he most likely makes on interest each day.