ognation.jpgRetired football great Jim Brown is the president of a new snack food and beverage company and City Councilman Leroy Comrie is not happy about it. Brown's company is called OG Nation, which Comrie says stands for "original gangster." The company currently markets "King Pin" lager and a line of mixed drinks under the brand "Party Dogg." According to Newsday, Arizona-based OG Nation is also developing a line of potato chips, pretzels, pork rinds, and dips that will be marketed as "Thug Chips."

Comrie is critical of the company for attempting to mainstream gang culture and glorifying a culture of violence. Brown insists that his OG Nation is all about creating a climate of inclusion and diversity. Some of the ad copy found at the company's site makes for entertaining reading. ""Lagers have been around for over 2,000 years, dating back to the days of the original gangster Egyptians." The people pictured presumably enjoying Brown's products on the site don't look very "original gangster" to us.

Party Dogg beverages will come pre-mixed with a variety of hard liquors added to OG Nation's Atomic Dogg energy drinks that come in "huge 16 oz. cans." The company promises that Atomic Dogg "will help keep your swagger at full capacity!" We'll assume that Party Dogg will help one keep one's swerve at full capacity as well.

Former New York Knick Larry Johnson is Jim Brown's partner in the venture. The New York Post launched a broadside against the two athletes yesterday, to which OG Nation has posted a response.