Making good on her promise to file for a recount in Wisconsin, and raising the chances that she'll do it in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein officially filed a recount challenge in the state of Wisconsin yesterday.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission confirmed yesterday that they got recount petitions from Stein, and American Delta Party presidential candidate Roque "Rocky" de la Fuerte. The next step, according to the WEC press release, is to calculate the cost of the recount. Following that, and payment by the Stein campaign, the recount will begin.

The WEC said that the last statewide recount involved a Supreme Court election, and cost over $520,000 to count 1.5 million votes. It's expected that it will cost more to count the 2.975 million votes cast in the presidential election in the state. The deadline to finish the recount of the votes over Wisconsin's 72 counties is December 13th. "The recount process is very detail-oriented, and this deadline will certainly challenge some counties to finish on time," WEC administrator Michael Haas said in the press release. The WEC also released the vote totals for every candidate in the state, showing Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 22,177

As of this moment, Jill Stein has raised $5,762,458 for the recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In a Facebook video released after the recount was filed, Stein kept up her previous message that the reason she's filing the recount is because "this was an election that was surrounded by hacking."

After remaining silent during the initial fundraising effort by Stein, the Clinton campaign has officially decided to sign on to the recount. A Medium post by Clinton 2016 general counsel Marc Erik Elias laid out why the campaign was at first reluctant to jump into the fray, ultimately because they hadn't seen what they considered evidence of fraud or hacking. However, as long as Jill Stein is going ahead with the recount, Elias writes, the Clinton campaign has said "Fuck it" and will "participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides."

As has been previously reported, experts are unsure as to whether any hacking actually took place in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which both use electronic voting machines (Michigan uses paper ballots), but have still asked the Clinton campaign to ask for a recount in all three states.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway took a moment out of writing whatever humiliating apology Mitt Romney will have to read to the nation in order to become Secretary of State to taunt the Clinton campaign as "a pack of sore losers" and more devastatingly, "BFFs" with Jill Stein:

Still, reports say that the Trump camp won't just let the recount happen without their involvement as well:

So just in case you thought the 2016 election was over, just remember, it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor: