Nassau County Police escorted Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein off of Hofstra's campus in Hempstead, New York around 2:30 this afternoon, according to media reports and the candidate's twitter. A Nassau County police spokesperson told the Long Island Press that Stein lacked the appropriate credentials to be on campus ahead of tonight's presidential debate.

Stein tweeted that she was on campus to conduct a credentialed interview with MSNBC. She added, "We were immediately escorted off of the Hofstra campus after the press conference just now and told not to do any more press."

Stein has plans to respond to tonight's debate in real time on Twitter and Facebook. The candidate, along with Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson, was not formally invited to the debate because, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates, she failed to garner 15% of likely votes in the polls. Stein has countered that the debates should acknowledge the 50% of Americans who don't identify as either Republican or Democrat.

According to Stein's campaign, the candidate is also planning to attempt to enter tonight's debate flanked by her supporters. The campaign could not immediately be reached to confirm if those plans are still on the table.

The Green Party candidate was arrested at a presidential debate at Hofstra in 2012.

Hofstra did not immediately responded to a request for comment on Stein's ejection. We'll update with any additional information.

Security is tight at Hofstra today, with 1,000 cops expected and about 10,000 protesters. A "public assembly area" has been set up for protesters, separated from the debate itself by the Hempstead Turnpike and numerous police barriers.

[UPDATE 3:45]: Stein spokeswoman Meleiza Figueroa told us via e-mail that, "We were on campus to do pre-arranged interviews with media."

[Update 4:30]: Figueroa told USA Today that Stein is currently waiting outside the Hofstra gates for a pre-scheduled rally at 5:30 p.m. with her supporters. "Our supporters are going to attempt to escort Jill in. We are expecting they will be unsuccessful,” Figueroa told the outlet.

Regardless, Stein still plans to "debate" with Trump and Clinton over social media.