The Standard Hotel

's Andre Balazs isn't just showing interest in the Hotel Chelsea, he's reportedly also sniffing around the TWA terminal at JFK. His company was on a list of of firms who attended a site visit earlier this month. You'll recall that the Port Authority wants to turn the terminal into a boutique hotel.

Others who showed intrest include a firm that worked on the recently renovated Lambs Club building in midtown and another that has worked on a number of Jersey hotels and residences, including the W Hotel in Hoboken. The other big name in boutique hotels, Ian Schrager, was not there.

Remember though, just because Balazs sent someone to check out the Eero Saarinen-designed terminal (which, though loved by many, has some critics in our peanut gallery) doesn't mean he'll bite. What it does mean is that the PA is at least attracting exactly the glitzy types to the site they were hoping for. Getting bids out of them will be another story.

Anyway, if Balazs does bid expect a whole lot of jokes about pilots being distracted by guests putting on a show.