JFK's Terminal 4 Fills With Smoke From Panda Express Kitchen Fire

A section of John. F. Kennedy Airport's Terminal 4 has been evacuated after a fire in the terminal's food court. One video posted on Instagram shows flames leaping from the kitchen of a Panda Express:

#jfkairport #fire #jfkfire as long as my flight still good. 😡😡😡

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The Port Authority says there have been no reported injuries so far.

This is fine.

An FDNY spokesperson says they were alerted to the fire shortly after 3:30 p.m. today. Joseph Pentangelo, a spokesperson with the Port Authority, says the terminal's retail level has been evacuated and security screening is shut down, but "[t]he evacuation does not apply to the entire terminal at this time."

Witness Katie Little was able to see firefighters battling the fire from her vantage point in the terminal's Wingtips lounge:

The good news is, it appears the TSA will let travelers back into the terminal shortly:

Bad news is, no Chinese food in Terminal 4 tonight, probably. But Buffalo Wild Wings should still be good to go.

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