The adorable turtle-induced delays at JFK yesterday now have a soundtrack, as audio has emerged from dozens of chattering pilots stranded on the runway by the little critters. And none of the very official-sounding officers wish to rush the little critters along.

"British Airways reported a turtle in the vicinity of kilo and kilo charlie heading towards the runway," crackles one report, while "Tower, Car 97 is clear, four turtles removed." All told, over 200 turtles were removed from the runways, where they had waddled in search of a sandy place to lay their eggs. Fortunately, the turtles only caused minor delays, and a biologist helped move the reptiles to the other side of the runway, in a sandy spot "perfect for nesting." A JFK spokeswoman said that officials are looking into barricades to block the turtles from wandering onto runways.

Listen to the air traffic control report: