The plotters of the thwarted JFK terror plot from three years ago are currently on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court, and yesterday one of the cooperating witnesses revealed more details of the plan, as well as the plans nickname—"The Shining." It was named so because the inferno from blowing up fuel tanks and fuel lines at the airport would have lit up the entire borough of Queens, not because one of the plotters was a Stanley Kubrick, Stephen King, or Groundskeeper Willie aficionado.

Donald Nero, 51, a Guyanese national, told the court he was recruited by alleged ringleader Russell Defreitas, who he claims was motivated by a hatred of the US's support of Israel, which he witnessed firsthand: "America was putting missiles, bombs, war equipment on planes to send to Israel to kill Palestinians. He (Defreitas) said he put those things personally on planes." Nero says the plotters were well aware of the scope of the attack: "According to what was said about 'The Shining' of Queens, there was going to be destruction of a lot of buildings...There was talk about people getting killed. Women, children, pregnant women. Some people was saying this is a sacrifice we have to make. Some people were saying 'collateral damage.'"

Nero eventually says he backed-out of the plan, but heard discussions about seeking support from high-ranking Al Qaeda terrorist Adnan Shukrijumah, who was linked earlier this week to the failed subway terror plot, which makes Shukrijumah the John Gochnaur of terrorists.