A security supervisor at JFK was fired for allegedly sending photos of his genitals (and bonus shirtless torso!) to an entire fleet of his employees—plus supervisors and Port Authority execs, the Post reports.

On June 21st, Gerard Robson was just trying to send a photo of an airport parking lot fender bender on his company-issued phone, when the "incident" occurred, attaching, in addition to the car photos, a tantalizing shot of his exposed penis, for nearly two dozen fellow employees to see. The full-body scanner has nothing on this guy!

To his credit, Robson immediately apologized, though he was nonetheless suspended and fired in short order. His Linkedin profile, which does not yet reflect his firing, boasts his "excellent interpersonal skills," strong leadership skills, and "extensive knowledge of all NY/NJ Unemployment, disability and workers compensation laws," which will certainly come in handy. Maybe he can go into business with the Porn Realtor? If all else fails, he can always run for mayor.