2007_10_smoking.jpgThe man who breached security at JFK Airport on Tuesday, after entering the restricted areas by walking through the exit lane near security screening and caused two terminals to be evacuated as the TSA and other authorities searched for him, was arrested yesterday in Albany. Authorities say that William Contreras Ramos, who managed to board his plane to the state capitol, had a 4-inch razor in his carry-on bag and was charged with carrying a concealed weapon onto a plane.

Ramos had a layover at JFK Airport on his way from Puerto Rico. According to the Times-Union, Ramos went outside to smoke.

Ramos admitted that while he was smoking the cigarette he noticed he was running late for his connecting flight and did not have his boarding pass. He "went through a door opened by a man and ran to the gate where he boarded the flight," the court documents say, despite verbal warnings to stop.

Okay, so even without his boarding pass, he got onto his flight. Nice one, Delta. Also, good one Puerto Rican airport security, as the straight razor in his carry-on apparently made it through the PR screening.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the terminals were evacuated at 6:40PM. Flights were delayed and passengers were re-screened starting at 9:30PM.