Jim Steven, the Port Authority manager in charge of the project to renovate JFK's longest runway (13R-31L), showed us around his job site earlier this month, telling us his deadline was a firm July 1st; "They gave me 120 days, not 121 days." Well, it looks like Steven & Co. will be able to enjoy the holiday weekend after all, because they've finished ahead of schedule! Cause for celebration in a city that rarely makes deadline, no?

The NY Times points out that nearly everyone predicted chaos and delays—and it seems these cynics may have helped for a smooth and successful outcome. The executive director of the Port Authority told the paper: “The public cynicism for the capacity of an agency like the Port Authority to build on time, or on budget, is pretty high. Failure would have been unacceptable.”

So what can you expect from the new and improved Bay Runway? Less delays, less maintenance, and at least 40 more years of life. Also, it can now accommodate the space shuttle, if need be.