Here's another not-so-reassuring story about the state of airport security. A woman with a 14-inch titanium rod in her hip sets off metal detectors at every airport she visits — except for JFK. The Post reports that in the decade since doctors implanted the metal piece to help 62-year-old Berna Keiler overcome a degenerative hip disease, she always triggered alarms at security checkpoints, including those in JFK's Terminal 7, until Oct. 21, 2009.

That's when Keiler first passed through a metal detector at Kennedy Airport without a sound. She was so surprised that she informed a Transportation Security Administration employee, who allegedly sent her on her way. When a machine in Terminal 7 didn't beep on Dec. 4, 2009, Keiler reportedly asked to speak with a TSA supervisor — but again was allowed to proceed to her gate without being examined with a wand or any other device.

"I think people are in danger," she said. "It shows me that we in the country are living with the idea that we're taking the appropriate security measures and that, in reality, they're not working." TSA officials say the metal detectors are regularly tested and passed inspections, though they wouldn't comment on whether or not the devices should be able to pick up a 14-inch long piece of titanium. What's going to happen when she has to go through full body scanners?