A convicted drug trafficker the government recruited to infiltrate a ragtag terror cell testified in court yesterday against Russell Defreitas, a former JFK baggage handler who's accused of plotting to blow up the airport. Defreitas was allegedly pitching his plot (which he named "The Shining") to "terrorist big shots" in Guyana and Trinidad, and believed that the fuel tanks at JFK were an irresistibly easy target. Yesterday prosecutors played one tape secretly recorded by the informant in 2007, during which Defreitas chillingly brags:

For years, I've been watching [the fuel tanks]. You can't believe how a place like Kennedy can be so (lax). No soldier. Nothing at all... The tanks ain't got one person...No soldier, nothing at all! Regular security driving a little, little jeep. And even to put a woman inside there.

The plot never got off the ground before Defreitas and his alleged co-conspirators were arrested, but according to one tape, Defreitas believed "[A bombing] will take out the whole area, the whole of Kennedy would go up in smoke. A few people would escape, but to where? Jamaica Bay?"