Talk about deep cover: The informant who helped halt the plot to blow up JFK airport was engaged in a relationship with the daughter of one of the would-be terrorists. Steven Francis, an Arabic-speaking, twice-convicted drug trafficker from the Dominican Republic who converted to Islam in 1994, infiltrated the group, and had an affair with the daughter of Abdel Nur, one of the alleged terrorists.

Francis has been testifying all week, leading to revelations about the plots nickname "The Shining," the lax security at the airport, and plans to incorporate a rat army. A defense lawyer for Abdul Kadir tried to discredit Francis by revealing the affair, which took place while his wife was pregnant in the US, counteracting his claim that he was a devout Muslim. (Abdel Kir pleaded guilty before the trial.)

Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry was unmoved by the lawyer's ploy: "Did anybody give him orders to go and have an affair with Miss Nur? I don't think so."